Combatting Anxiety With Nature

If there’s something I have never been shy about, it’s my struggle with anxiety. For years I sat there, letting my anxiety eat me alive. As time went on, I found little ways to cope with the constant panic and stress of dealing every imperfection I faced. I obsessed over cleaning, my physical imperfections, and every single grade I got within school. Unless it was perfect, I wasn’t happy. Since not much in life is perfect, happiness was becoming less and less common. It wasn’t until I spent time discovering myself and dove into different passions, that I began to feel secure in my own skin and surroundings. One of my coping tactics was getting out and experiencing different trails, attractions, and beaches outdoors. These didn’t have to be things that were far off the beaten path, but just things that let me escape for just a little while. My mind would be more captured by my senses than by my racing anxious thoughts. Now, I try once a week to pick one new place in the outdoors to experience, and usually, I go accompanied by someone in my amazing support system. I can’t even begin to explain how much happiness this addition to my life has brought me. I now have something to look forward to and amazing memories to look back on.

Now don’t let me fool you, things still aren’t perfect. Everyone has bad days. However, anyone who is struggling with anxiety has so many options available. The key is experimenting with positive coping tactics and finding what works for you. There is no harm in reaching out for help and putting a little faith in your support systems to guide you in the right directions.