Christie Falls

Christie Falls is one of Ladysmith’s not-so-hidden treasures, that is an easy 2 hour round trip walk and hike. The trail follows a well-maintained logging road for 2.5km and is perfect for a bike ride; however, bikes will need to be left at the start of the trailhead going up to Christie Falls.

Directions: To get to the Christie Falls trail, turn left at the end of Christie Road in Ladysmith, BC and park by the orange gate. The trail starts just past the Orange gate, through a yellow gate on the right. You will need to follow the logging road that leads to the Bush Creek Fish Hatchery. Walk 2.5km down the logging road, while following the signage to the hatchery. Once at the hatchery, a map and signage direct you up a trail, opposite to the hatchery. After a 7-10 minute hike, you will come across a waterfall, that is occasionally dried up. Continue the trail over the log bridge, to reach the real magic. Christie falls has plenty of room to admire the falls and have a quick snack.

Tip: Once done, return back on the trail and turn right almost immediately to the rope that assists for a climb to the top of the waterfall. Many smaller waterfalls await at the top. On your way back down, follow the signage that says “trail” on your right, and you will come across a log cabin that is only a minutes walk off the “falls” path.

Note: Please be respectful of the wildlife, ecosystems and fish hatchery. Pack out everything you packed in and take nothing but memories!